Opening Times

Mon-Sat 9:00 - 5.00



9.30 - 5PM

Mon - Fri

Sat 10- 2pm


We repair all Consoles and Portables including

Xbox One - PS3 & 4 - Wi U - 3DS - 2DS


If you are having trouble with the following

please give us a call to book your device in

for repair


We Specialise in the following

- No Display

- Life Sign Of Life

- Software Faults

- Charging Faults

- Disk not reading

- Hard Drive Faults

Consoles & More

Flat Screen TVs

If your tv is faulty & the fault is NOT a broken screen we maybe able to help


Common faults we can fix include

- Stuck on stand by

- No picture

- No sound





If you have an iPod Touch or iPod Classic that

has developed a fault can we help


Common faults we can fix include

- Broken screen

- Faulty or poor battery life

- Faulty sound

- Charging faults

- Click wheel

- Home button

- Power button

- Hard drive failure

- Restore error


You Break it - iFix.... Local!

Whaterver the repair we are here to help