iPhone Liquid Treatment

Professional ultrasonic cleaning service. Trust iFix Local to Repair your Liquid Damaged device today! Returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

From: £50.00


 WARNING. DO NOT turn your device on or attempt to charge it!

If it is off, DO NOT turn it on or charge it as the liquid may cause a short-circuit that may permanently damage your device.

– Send or bring your liquid damaged device to us for a treatment

– The quicker the better. Don’t waste time trying the old rice trick as this does not clean the residue from the circuits and rarely ever works. Drying it out with a hairdryer or oven will only cause further damage.

Remember these methods do not clean the corrosive residue left behind from water and other liquids.

– We fully dismantle your device and clean it with our professional cleaning solutions.

– We then use our professional-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine.

– After the cleaning, we start the drying process.

– After the device is dry & tested we will call you with the results.

Each device is different but if you believe yours is worth trying to save then bring it to us and we will try our best to recover the device and or the data.

We have over a 90% success rate.

Due to the damage liquids can have on electrical devices we have to be clear and upfront there is no guarantee with this service.

We also offer a data recovery service when a device is past the point of being able to be saved or where the damage is to a point the device is non-economical to repair.

We offer a 50% refund on unsuccessful treatments to show we are truly invested in the recovery of your device.

If your device needs more than 1 treatment we do not charge extra for this but this does affect the turnaround time.

Turn around time is 1 to 3 working days and 3 to  5 working days if more than 1 treatment is needed

If your device needs replacement parts due to the liquid damage we will always quote your first before carrying out any further work.

Only if you are happy with the new quote will we ever proceed.

iPhone Liquid Treatment

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